Tickets and Entrance

Q1. When and where can I pick up my ticket / wristband?

A1)Ticket booth operating hours are as follows.

  • 12/30. (FRI) : 5PM ~ 10PM
  • 12/31. (SAT) : 7PM ~ 2AM the next day

You may pick up your ticket / wristband any time during the operating hours. However, after the booth closes, your will not be able to pick up your wristband or purchase a ticket.

Q2. What do I need to bring to exchange my ticket for a wristband?

A2) If you already received your ticket by mail, please bring your ticket and a photo ID. If you are picking up your ticket on-site, please bring a purchase receipt (or text) and a photo ID. Each and every individual will need to bring a photo ID as we will be checking the date of birth. (If you purchased your ticket through TMON or Naver Booking, please bring a purchase receipt as tickets are not sent out by mail.)

Q3. If I can’t attend the festival, can I sell by ticket through another website or transfer it to a friend?

A3) Transferring or trading tickets among individuals is illegal. If you are unable to attend the festival, please get a refund from the ticket site where you made the purchase.

Q4. Can I still attend the festival if I lost or damaged my ticket/wristband?

A4) If your ticket was sent out by mail, it can’t be replaced under any circumstances. Therefore, please take a good care of your ticket until show day. Also, you will not be able to attend the festival with a damaged or lost wristband.

Q5. Can I buy tickets at the door?

A5) Please note that tickets will only be sold at the door if any are still available. Therefore, we advise you to make your purchase in advance. Tickets will be sold online until 5PM on December 29th at Yes24, Interpark, TMON, and Naver Booking.

Q6. Can I re-enter the festival site?

A6) Yes, you may re-enter the festival site. There will be a wristband check at the door so please be careful not to damage or lose your wristband

Q7. Is there an age limit to this festival?

A7) The age limit for this festival is 19. There will be an ID check at the ticket booth. If you do not meet the age requirement, you will not be able to attend the festival (even if you are accompanied by your parents) nor receive a refund.

Event Information

Q1. What time do the doors open?



  • Dec 30(Fri) 17:00
  • Dec 31(Sat) 19:00


  • Dec 30(Fri) 18:30
  • Dec 31(Sat) 20:30

: Each person who has a ticket to the event is required to have their own ticket when attending the event. Identification must be carried by all ticket holders with their name matching the name on the ticket. The opening times may vary subject to circumstances.

Q2. Is there an order of admission?

A2) The ticket number on a standing ticket does not indicate the order of admission. Entry is admitted as and when you arrive from the doors opening time.

Q3. What are the payment options onsite?

A3) Credit/Debit card and cash.

Q4. Is there a cloak room?

A4) Yes, there will be a cloak room service located right near the ticket booth / entrance gates. You can buy the cloak room passes to store your belongings. However, Valuable and fragile items will not be accepted at the locker.

Q5. Will there be enough toilets for patrons?

A5) Toilets are located in the lobby where the ticket booth and cloak room are.

Q6. How can I get to the event?

– Subway
Line # 2 @Samsung subway station, Exit 5 (Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel Building)

– Bus
9414, 1100, 1700, 2000, 7007, 146, 730, 341, 360, 4428, 4434,363, 143, 401, 2413, 4419, 3422, 4318 buses stop at the bus stop located in front of Shin Han Bank @ Exit 4, Samsung subway station

– Car
Navigation : 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스 (Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas)
– Airport limousine bus from Incheon or Gimpo airport
KAL Limousine à www.kallimousine.com/eng/schedule_en.asp

* To the venue
Departure Point: Incheon or Gimpo airport
Arrival Point: Grand Intercontinental

*To the airport
Departure Point: Grand Intercontinental
Arrival Point: Incheon or Gimpo airport

Q7. Is there a public parking?

A7) Car park is located at the hotel. However, we cannot guarantee your car space for the event date. You can purchase the parking fee when you leave the venue. To see more details for the parking fee please ring on +82-2-555-5656

Q8. Can I bring food or drink into the event?

A8) No beverages (incl. water) and food of any type are allowed to be brought into the venue.
There are a number of licensed bars within the event venue.

Q9. Can I bring my camera to take photos and film the event?

A9) Non-professional cameras are fine to bring to the event. Video cameras, audio recorders, tripods and professional cameras are not permitted. If you bring any of these in or use, you risk them being confiscated. Also the offending patron will be escorted out of the event venue and facility by our staff.

Q10. Can I bring a selfie stick into the event venue?

A10) Selfie sticks are not permitted so as to avoid any type of accidents and inconvenience to others. If you bring it in and use onsite, you risk the stick being confiscated.

Q11. Can I smoke at The Final Countdown?

A11) The entire area inside the hotel is non-smoking. The offending patron will be escorted out of the event venue and facility by our staff.
Designated Smoking Area will be clearly signed and available outside of the hotel building.

Q12. What do you do in case of emergencies?

A12) There will be safety personnel stationed in various locations onsite. If you require assistance please kindly ask for help to a representative personnel closest to you. Injuries caused by carelessness, avoidable situations, etc. will not result in a refund or indemnification. Please take consideration of your own safety.

Q13. Is there a lost property area?

A13) Please hand in any lost property to the staff at ticket booth or cloakroom.
If you have lost something, you can report it to one of our staff on site. If you don’t realize until after the festival, contact us at info@vuent.co.kr or call 010-3360-7846 and give a detailed description as well as your contact details. If we have it, we’ll return it to you.